26/01/19 This is the reply I have received from the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman in connection with my complaint. As you can see its certainly something that's not going to happen overnight but as far as I am concerned I don't care how long it takes it I get the justice for Jess that she so deserves.


It has been a very difficult day but I have achieved what I wanted to. This is probably the most important letter I have sent in months. This contains my complaint about the hospital that treated Jess. I am making the complaint on the grounds of Medical Negligence. It has been so difficult going back over the tragic events of 23rd August 2017 but there was no way I was not going to send this off. Jess deserves justice and if I can get this for her then I will. I have said from the start that something is not right and I still maintain that now and hopefully this complaint will get to the bottom of what happened. Will update everyone when I know more.

07/01/19 Letter of complaint, please see above information


Well after my post earlier in the week with the update on what was happening with complaint (or lack of it) at the hospital which treated Jess, I received a letter on 3rd August 2018.


They are unable to reopen the original 'complaint' because of the way their system is set up and also the manner with which the 'complaint' was originally closed down.


The Trust will now undertake a Formal Investigation under the NHS Complaints Procedure due to the further questions I have raised with them. This is what I wanted when I originally contacted them, so 11 months later the investigation will begin. I will not give up until I have exhausted all routes of enquiry. Jess means the world to me and always will. 


I would also like to thank everyone who has supported me and had belief in me to get to the truth. I have taken strength from you and will continue to do so.





Thought I would post an update on what has been happening over the past few weeks. Not much really everything seems to have ground to a halt. Think I need to put a few suitably placed rockets up a few peoples backsides!!!! I was promised a call on 30th July 2018 from the new complaints manager Rachel, at the hospital where Jess had been taken and by the time 4pm came round I had had enough of waiting so called her to find out she was in a meeting. I finally got my call at 5.30pm. She was very apologetic and just wanted to go through a few things as I had sent in some further questions about 2 weeks ago. At this point she told me that originally when I sent my letter in as a complaint it was actually changed and used as part of a Root Cause Analysis Investigation Report to see how they could have done things differently or make changes to improve things. I am afraid to say I told her I was not happy with this. I also added that the Independant doctor that carried out this report had a bad attitude.  


When he gave his evidence at the inquest I asked him if he had another patient come in with the same symptoms as Jess, first time seizure, very high temp, unable to find a vein to get a cannula in, and of course had to be resusitated as she had stopped breathing (resus performed by myself) would he now order a CT Scan or MRI Scan, Lumbar Puncture (as they queried meningitis) and he replied NO!!!! I find this completely unsatisfactory and will be asking for changes to be made for the future treatment of patients.  


Rachel told me that I had a good cause for a complaint and she was now taking over and dealing with this personally. If I had any further questions etc I am to contact her. So today it has been re-opened as a full complaint and they now have 35 days to get back to me with answers to questions and I also will be looking to push them to make changes so that no matter what the cost the appropriate tests are carried out. She also told me that she was taking all the paperwork from the hospital, inquest etc home with her to thorough read as I have so many issues with results and outcome.


I will not give up because justice needs to be done for Jess, she should still be alive as far as I am concerned. I also would hate anyone else to have to go through what I have over the previous months.


Thank you as always for your support, it is very much appreciated.