Serena Campbell (Catherine Russell)/Bernie Wolfe (Jemma Redgrave)

Jess and myself both enjoyed watching Holby City and of course the Berena storyline meant alot to both of us.

After each episode we would message one another and discuss what had happened. This was a regular thing and of course something I will miss. 

I felt it was appropriate to add a section on Holby City now that Serena has returned and we could see the return of Bernie in a few months. I know this is something Jess would have wanted me to do.

09/10/18 Well Ms Campbell are we going to find out what happened with Leah ........

Serena and Ric are deep in conversation in an upcoming episode

02/10/18 Pictures from Series 20 Episode 40, Inscrutable. It's Serena's birthday but after the tragic events surrounding Roxanna she feels that she should not celebrate. New F1 Leah has other ideas and they end up in Albies. Where is this going to lead????

02/10/18 It is Serena's birthday today but after the tragic death of Roxanna no one is any mood to be celebrating. Later in the day though Serena changes her mind but what will be the outcome of a birthday drink??

02/10/18 Serena (Catherine Russell) and new F1 Leah Faulkner (Hannah Daniel). Leah starts on AAU today and of course Serena takes her under her wing, but is there more to Leah than meets the eye??

19/09/18 BBC One announces major staff changes at Holby City Hospital


The BBC today announced that Dawn Steele and Nic Jackman will become two of the latest recruits to tread the wards of BBC One’s long-running medical drama Holby City. They will also be joined by fan favourite Camilla Arfwedson, who is due to reprise her role as Zosia March for a period in the spring.

Dawn, who is best known for her roles in River City, Wild At Heart and Monarch Of The Glen, joins Holby as new General Surgeon Ange Godard, who arrives at the hospital to open a brand new unit.

Nic Jackman will also become a regular, continuing his role as Cameron Dunn, the son of Bernie Wolfe (Jemma Redgrave), who returns to the hospital for a year to finish his training as an F2.

Since audiences have last seen Zosia March played by Camilla Arfwedson, the registrar has been making a name for herself at a hospital in the United States. Zosia will temporarily return to Darwin Ward to catch up with old colleagues after a turbulent time in America.

Dawn Steele says: "I am utterly delighted to be joining the cast and crew on Holby City. Ms Godard is such a great character with lots to tell and I am really looking forward to getting on that Keller Ward and bringing her to life. I have been a fan of Holby and so pleased I get to be at Elstree studios with this wonderful team. Can’t wait!"

Nic Jackman says: "I am delighted to be returning to the brilliant team at Holby City. Cameron is a fun character to play and it’ll be exciting to see what he gets up to next."

Camilla Arfwedson says: "Really pleased to come back and revisit Zosia. The last few years playing her have been absolutely brilliant, wonderful and challenging in equal measure. Can’t wait to see all the cast and crew again too and get back into the fold. I’ve missed it and I'm looking forward to seeing what’s in store for her."

Simon Harper, Executive Producer of Holby City and Casualty, says: “Dawn is a fabulous addition to the cast as Ange. Her TV star pedigree speaks for itself. She’s a brilliant, charismatic actor and I can’t wait to see her bring this beguiling new character on screen in a story of explosive secrets that will send shockwaves through the whole hospital.

"Nic has already won the audience’s hearts with his previous guest appearances as cheeky, loveable Cameron so it only seemed right to turn him into a fully-fledged regular! He’s an absolutely fantastic young actor and new star. Cameron has never settled down and has got by on his charm - he needs the strong women of Holby to lick him into shape professionally and otherwise and bring him out of the shadow of his mum Bernie.

"And what a joy to welcome Camilla back for a stint by popular demand! The complex and troubled Zosia is massively popular, particularly with our young audience, who I know have missed her desperately and will be hungry to know why she’s running back to Holby. Matched against Frieda on Darwin - will they be friends or foes? We’ll have to see!”

Holby City is made by BBC Studios for BBC One. The Executive Producer is Simon Harper and Kate Hall is the Series Producer.


Catherine Russell looking stunning as Serena Campbell

Going back in time to the early days of Berena

Bernie suprises Serena

Serena moving in to kiss Bernie

Serena and Bernie getting very passionate in the office

Bernie and Serena waiting on the arrival of Greta's baby

Bernie, I love you

20/06/18 Serena introduces Fleur to Bernie

20/06/2018 Jason becomes a father

20/06/2018 Things between Bernie and Serena are rocky as Serena has a big decision to make about the future

An intense moment between Serena and Bernie in the upcoming episode on Wednesday 20th June 2018

12/06/18 Serena confirming her commitment to Bernie

12/06/2018 Serena's eyes do the talking, you can see how much she loves Bernie

This is the picture of two women who are very much in love. Tuesday 12th June 2018 Bernie Wolfe will return to Holby to try and persuade the love of her life Serena Campbell to return to Nairobi to be by her side when the new Trauma Unit opens

Diva Awards

Another picture from the Diva Awards

Catherine Russell, Simon Harper and Katie Hall at the Diva Awards

Catherine Russell looking amazing at the Diva Awards in London on 8th June 2018

Now here are a bunch of the best waiting for their moment of filming

Serena looking at her favourite friend Shiraz during filming

SERIES 20 EPISODE 17 - THE WAY WE WERE (Shown on 24/04/18)

Serena looking very concerned about Dom


Serena well and truly lets her sarcasm shine through at Mr Duval

This episode had some of the best lines of Series 20 so far. 

We see Serena giving Mr Duval plenty of patients to look after and as she's doing this he says he noticed that she was performing an axillo-bifem in the afternoon and could he scrub in. Serena declines his request as AAU is busy. He goes on to say he will do his appendix operation quickly but Serena is having none of it, but he won't give up saying he will do telephone clinic clear all her admin. You can see Serena getting annoyed and tells him "This is not a horse trading fair". As always Mr Duval is only thinking of himself and says that the surgery would look good on his portfolio, which makes the department look good and reflects on yourself. Serena is so sharp tongued at this point "Do I look like someone that needs to bask in your glow?" Mr Duval tries to come back with the fact he likes to be given a new challenge each day. One thing he has not learnt is to never challenge Serena Campbell she will make your life hell!!!!

"Oh.... you want a challenge" Serena marches round to the bed on the ward that has Lofty's gran Mrs Chiltern in. She informs Mr Duval that Sheilagh is recovering from a stroke and pneumothorax and currently trapped in the purgatory that is AAU. Mr Duval pipes up "Shouldn't this patient be on HCOP?" Serena fires straight back with No beds available. And do you see these? These are called ears. "This patient" can actually hear and talk. Our Mr Duval here likes nothing more than to be "presented with a new challenge every day"


Serena attending Ric Griffin's trial

So here we are the start of the trial that could change Ric Griffin's life forever. We are going to find out the truth about what happened to Elaine Warren. 

"At 9am on 2nd October 2017 Elaine Elizabeth Warren was admitted to the Acute Admissions Unit at Holby City Hospital. Miss Warren had been referred complaining of severe pain and numbness in her right leg, symptoms consistent with Miss Warren's medical history of type 2 diabetes. While Miss Warren's condition was serious it was in no way life threatening. Miss Warren was in the best possible place to receive the best possible care. She did not receive it".

"Now this trial is about a man, an expert in his field who failed his duty of care. A consultant surgeon and clinical lead who's poor leadership, lack of communication and arrogance contributed to a series of basic errors. A man who was distracted and out of his depth and who's abscence from his ward was to have catastrophic consequences".

"On 3rd October at 2.15am Elaine Warren died, as a result of complications from sepsis. Undiagnosed, untreated, until too late. Now we will show that not only was Elaine Warren's death entirely avoidable but that it was criminal, the result of a series of mistakes and missed opportunities by the defendant Mr Eric Griffin that amount to gross negligence. That amount to manslaughter".

Ric's day had not started well, he had received a letter from his daughter Jess, letting him know that she was going back to her abusive husband. Ric did not react well to this and called her. He made his feelings known and then as the day went on he started to feel more and more regret for doing this. He tried calling her back but she did not answer and eventually she text him back and told him not to call her number again. Donna had gone into the office to ask for his input on the Elaine Warren case. He didn't seem that interested but did go and do a doplar test on Elaine's leg. Ultimately it led to her being taken into surgery to have her leg amputated because she had developed sepsis. This did not make any difference to the outcome because the sepsis was advanced and led to her tragic death.

At this point I will not give anymore information about the trial as it is best watched, but what I will say is that Henrik giving evidence was a pure pleasure to see. He was open and honest about Ric's character, but will it be enough?????

Ollie decides that he has had enough of being in hospital and will do whatever it takes to get himself discharged. So when he says he needs to go the toilet Roxanna sets him the task of going to Darwin to do this. He struggles to walk up the stairs and is met by Frieda with a wheelchair. He goes to his locker and opens it to find two theatre tickets in there which he has no clue about. Ollie gets back to Keeler, via the lift, just as Roxanna comes back and she agrees that he can leave the hospital. Of course this was never going to run smoothly and he is bought back in with a gash to the head later in the afternoon. Ollie thinks that because he works at the hospital he can tell everyone what he wants to do but in reality we all know that would not happen. Personally I think they are concentrating far too much on the Ollie storyline and its time to move on to something else. As for Roxanna she really just annoys me and I cannot put my finger on why yet!!!!!

Serena informs Jac that she has given her a month off because she has so much holiday saved up. Jac looks totally unimpressed with this and throws the paperwork away when she gets to the ward. Her friend Becky is back on the ward after suffering a set back, her surgery is not due for months. She keeps hinting at Jac about her and Fletch. We all know that this is going to happen but how much longer are we going to have to wait. Fletch asks Jac out for a drink/date which makes Jac panic. She goes to her office to find Fletch sitting there drinking from a mug which he then drops all over the floor because she scares him by speaking to him. They end up kneeling on the floor and looking into each other's eyes. Later in the day Frieda finds Jac laying on the floor as her pain is getting to her again. She wants Frieda to give her another pain relieving injection but she refuses. Frieda wants her to get help and says that if she doesn't she will tell Fletch. Just as Jac is going into theatre Fletch and Frieda come through the door and Jac realises that Fletch now knows what is going on. He hugs her and tells her they need to talk. So we will have to wait and see if that conversation ever takes place. Jac and Fletch deserve some happiness after all they distress they have had in their lives. I really hope the Holby scriptwriters agree.

So we come to the end of Part 1 with the most important question of all yet to be answered "What will the outcome be for Ric Griffin?"

THE L WORD - SERIES 20 EPISODE 11 (shown on 13/03/18)

Roxanna opening her heart to Ollie

Personally I didn't think this was the greatest episode of Holby, the script seemed abit all over the place again and some of the story was pretty dire.

Dom used to annoy me but now he is just getting right up my nose. He is becoming a real interfering busy body and trying to get involved in everyone's business. When Sheilagh is taken to Darwin with chest pains he tags along and ends up explaining what a pulmonary embolism is something which was not really his place to do, it should have been down to Jac or Frieda. Lofty seems to go into panic mode about getting the care package changed, he then asks Dom to stay with Sheilagh to which he responds am sure Sacha can do without me for one day. Not very professional when you are actually meant to be working.

Down on AAU Xavier is trying to appeal to everyone by buying them cakes, but by the time Nicky and Serena arrive they are all gone. Fletch, Donna and Serena have been working to try and trace nurse Amira who was working on the day that Elaine Warren died but are not having alot of luck because her agency won't give out her details. On top of this Serena is trying to run AAU, the hospital and mentor Xavier. Fletch decides to try and flex his management muscles to see if he can get any information out of the agency. Xavier looks pleased with himself claiming to have found a doughnut for Serena but she is completely unimpressed. Serena is spending all day in surgery and she gives Xav another chance to look after the ward which shocks Nicky, but as she says she is under the same roof this time. She admits she made a mistake last time and wants Xav and Nicky to work together or as she put it 'Play nice'.

Sheilagh starts to panic about what may happen to her and puts Dom in an awkward situation by asking him to get a Do Not Resusitate form for her to sign in the event of her becoming seriously ill. She doesn't want to spend her days stuck in hospital being reliant on others. Dom asks Ollie to go and speak to Sheilagh to see if she is of sound mind. Ollie is a patient not a doctor anymore clearly not the right thing to do as far as I am concerned. Dom goes ahead and gets the form and he signs it to say she is competent to make her own decision, she signs this and puts in her handbag instead of handing to a nurse. When she has a bad turn and her lung collapses Frieda and Dom revive her because they cannot find the form. Sheilagh is not impressed. Lofty and Dom then end up arguing about the DNR form and why she wanted to have it signed. In my opinion Dom overstepped the mark and took it upon himself to do something that was unprofessional and should not be overlooked.


Jess would have loved to have seen Jason become a dad and Serena being a wonderful grandmother

Serena, Bernie and Fleur - Holby's Own Angels

SQUARE ONE - SERIES 20 EPISODE 10 (shown on 06/03/18)

Serena looking very serious

The patient that John Gaskell performed his first stem cell surgery on is bought back to the hospital suffering with a very bad infection. He seems to think it is nothing to do with the trial he and is something she picked up because her immune system was low. She ends up having to go back into surgery and Roxanna is asked to assist again and during the surgery she advises him to remove the implant but he does not, just taking a sample for testing. It turns out that there is a problem when the results come back but Gaskell decides to hide this from everyone. When the patient dies the concern from everyone is plain to see. Personally I don't trust him and haven't done right from the beginning, he is doing something very dangerous. I have a feeling the trials he has previously done have involved patients dying and he has never told the truth. Essie may well uncover it and could put herself in danger. Serena could well have a murderer in the hospital that she does not know about yet. She will have to remove Gaskell for Holby to survive.

Jac arrives on the ward with a huge smile on her face and saying good morning to everyone. They are all looking rather confused and wondering if she may have had a personality transplant. Ken the patient who she saved when she was on the ward has been bought back in and she performs surgery on him. He notices a difference in her and comments on this on more than one occasion. Bearing in mind he was drinking like a fish last time he was there it could be that he has realised that she is taking something she should not be. Will she listen to his advice?

Serena bumps into Jason just as she is leaving AAU to go and visit Ric. he hands her a card from all the porters. He goes on to tell her that Ric is not a bad person and he should not be in prison. Jason always goes to people he knows he can trust which is why he went to Ric when Serena was away finding herself.

Serena looks completely shocked while she is waiting for Ric at the prison, this is the last place she expected to be seeing him. They spend time talking about the case and how she will do everything she can to get him out. Ric seems to be very dispondent about the whole situation though and of course is permanently looking over his shoulder. He does not believe that he will ever get out and things will only get worse once the trial begins. During a meeting with Serena, Fletch, Donna and Sasha they try and look to see if there is anything else that can be done to get more evidence to help Ric. She tells them that it is like he has given up. Serena then realises that perhaps the training logs weren't checked for that day and it was a lead to follow up.

While Serena is out visiting Ric she leaves Xavier in charge of AAU. She must have been totally desperate, the guy has the personality of a gnat and is so bloody arrogant he just gets more and more on my nerves. He certainly does not know how to treat women/collegues and does nothing but undermine Nicky. Just as they start to have words in the middle of AAU about how she had sewn up the wound on a patient's head Serena comes through the door. She goes and checks the wound and sends both of them to her office. I am very glad to say that she then rips shreds out of him and puts him firmly in his place. If there is one thing she cannot stand is a man that puts women down. The old Serena is well and truly back, that steely look is back in her eyes. The next person she is going to have to deal with is John Gaskell.

John Gaskell is a very manipulative man and it seems that he has convinced Roxanna to help him by getting him on the board. He also suggests calling Henrik to get his approval as well and as Henrik is really not thinking straight he would say yes to anything. When they go to Serena you can see that she is having her doubts about him. Stupid man thinks he can walk all over her, he has no idea who he is dealing with.


Do not mess with the woman at the top!!!!

Serena is clearly missing Bernie

ACHE - SERIES 20 EPISODE 9 (shown on 28/02/18)

Serena and Donna talking to Professor Gaskell

Seems to me that Holby is slipping back into its old ways again with a script tonight that was all over the place. For me one thing that I did not agree with was when Serena said she was not prepared to make the decision about allocating funds to Roxanna's trial that Roxanna went running to Henrik, who of course is trying to recover from the stress of his son wielding a shotgun around the hospital. Gaskell was already unsure whether the trial would be appropriate so she went to Serena. Serena was right to be cautious as she is only the Acting CEO. Roxanna was like a child who had her toys taken away and went running to someone who is completely not in the right place to be making any kind of decision at the moment and to be honest would someone in her position really do that???

Donna is wondering what decision Gaskell is going to make about her signing documents in Ric's name. She then receives a letter from the court saying that she will be called as a witness for the prosecution. Serena tells her to tell the truth and then Donna goes on to say that if the Professor says that she has been tappering with the evidence that they won't want her as a witness. Donna and Serena meet Gaskell in her office on AAU and he remarks that she is in on this as well to which Serena gives him one of her don't mess with me stares and tells him that its not a phrase she would use. He goes on the say about failing to report this is perverting the course of justice to which Serena tells him that the same could be said about him. I am still not convinced about Gaskell's intentions and I am not sure how much you could trust him especially as he now wants to change the expert witness. Doesn't add up to me.

I appreciate that Ollie is struggling to come to terms with the current position that the gunshot has left him but to go and watch Roxanna while she is doing an important operation and then start questioning her is just not right. He is also going and reading other patients charts and trying to do diagnosis on them, he would just not be allowed to wander about like that. After all he is a patient in the hospital and not a doctor anymore.

Then we come to Dominic and Lofty, these two are getting on my nerves. Talk about behaving completely unprofessionally around Sheilagh. I mean Dom telling Essie that he might help them out with money to get her into a good care home would just not happen and then he goes and suggests that they move in with him. CAN WE PLEASE BE REALISTIC!!!!!!

The best part of Holby at the moment is the relationship between Jac, Fletch and Frieda. Jac and Frieda are always going to have a love/hate relationship but at the end of the day Frieda only has Jac's best interests at heart.  Frieda wants to learn from the best so when Jac starts acting strangely she has to investigate further. She finds out that Jac refuses to take any time off although her pain is starting to become more and more unbearable. Jac seems to think that if she takes any time off it is going to affect her supremacy on Darwin. So Frieda is left with no choice but to try and find away to help Jac so that she can continue to function without putting patients lives at risk. Frieda ends up writing a prescription in her own name and having it made up in the pharmacy and this is for an injection which lasts 2 weeks. Having done this Jac refuses to have it and then goes onto undermine Frieda on the ward again with the son of a patient she is treating. Ok Jac made the correct diagnosis and turned out that the son was far more poorly than his mother but she tried to make it seem that Frieda was stupid. After Frieda passing some comments Jac decides before she does the surgery on the son that she will have the injection but as soon as they get in theatre she undermines Frieda again. By the end of the episode Frieda tells her that she may not be so supportive next time if Jac continues to treat her like this.

So all in all not the greatest episode for me and you may not agree with me, but I think Holby needs to try harder.

HARD DAY'S NIGHT - SERIES 20 EPISODE 8 (shown on 20/02/2018)

Only Serena could get away with the pyjamas look

Oh dear how annoying have these new doctors become. Meena has a bad attitude problem which seems to be getting worse and she wants everything handed to her on a plate. Nicky seems to think she is better than she actually is and first impressions of Xavier are that he is an arrogant pig!!! Good job Serena is On Call and Donna is on AAU otherwise I could see the place falling apart.
Awwwww Jac and Fletch are just so adorable together. The chemistry between them is lovely and they both deserve to have some happiness. Jac does need to be honest with Fletch though about the fact she handed in her notice and also that she is still in alot of pain. You can tell that Jac is scared about what is happening to her and if she will ever get back to being as she was before but unless she lets people help her she is not going to get any better. There will only be so many times that people can step in and cover up for her. She is certainly doing a good job of pushing Fletch away when all he wants to do is help her.
Ok Xavier shove off I really don't like you. How dare you come out with that about the patient being fat which is why she didn't know she was pregnant. Oh god it gets worse Nicky doesn't know how many centimetres patient needs to be dilated before the baby is born!!! Then after the baby is born he turns up to be the hero of the hour when all the hard work is done and deliver the placenta in theatre. He is far too up himself and really needs Serena to firmly put him in his place and I hope it happens very very soon.
What can I say about Serena loved the pyjamas, slippers and no make up. Catherine has such a way of doing thins she just completely steals a scene with having to try very hard at all.
Donna you are an absolute hero talk about make Xavier pay for being an arrogant pig, spending his money on things for baby Saunders exactly what he deserved. Also good to see she had the bottle to admit to Serena what she had done to try and help get Ric out of prison. What Gaskell wants to do will be interesting.
Ollie and Sheilagh were funny talk about two bored patients. Good to see that Ollie's brain kicked in though when he noticed she was having a stroke. Perhaps he does retain some of the old Ollie somewhere.
I must say I did notice a continuity error though. The zimmer frame that Ollie was using was way to short for him. It should have been measured and be at a height to suit him and instead he is walking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame!!!! Also Nicky said she couldn't deliver the baby because of the risk of infection from the handcuff she was wearing, but she was fine to put on some gloves later and administer an injection. Tut Tut Holby get it right next time.

PRECIPICE - SERIES 20 EPISODE 7 (shown on 13/02/2018)

Serena looking very concerned when she discovers that Jason's girlfriend Greta is pregnant

I am so glad that they have bought Frieda back she has such a dry sense of humour and a real way with words. The line about cutting her ears off so she doesn't have to hear anything else about Valentine's is a classic. Doesn't stop her from winding Lofty up and saying that Dom has written his own label on a cupcake box.
Jason's girlfriend arriving on AAU is cause for concern for Serena. Greta tells her that she should not be treating her as she is Jason's aunt. Serena seemed lost for words for a moment!!! Ric tells Serena that Jason had met Greta via an Autistic Social Group. When Serena gets the results from the tests she requested for Greta she is shocked to find out that she is pregnant. Jason seems rather happy at the thought of being a Dad. Greta develops breathing problems which turns out to be a panic attack. She actually already knew she was pregnant.
Serena has alot of concerns about Greta and Jason being parents. She goes and talks to Ric who says she should embrace this as she is being given a second chance to become a grandmother. Serena goes to try and talk to Greta but finds it annoying that she is always on her phone and when she looks she actually sees shes that Greta is researching pregnancy. After a disagreement Jason comes in and asks Serena to leave the room. Later Serena goes back to apologise and says that she thinks that Greta and Jason will make good parents and even offers to help them out as things will not be easy. Later in the bar Greta and Jason are talking about baby names and they come up with Guinevere, Serena suggests Florence!!!
The decision is taken to try and remove the bullet lodged in Ollie's brain again as it is leaking manganese. Ollie lashes out at Roxanna and says he doesn't want her performing the surgery. He talks to Gaskell who persuades him to have the surgery after agreeing to be in theatre. During the surgery there is a problem and one of the blood vessels has to be sacrificied. When Ollie wakes up he cannot can hardly move and thinks that he is still engaged to Zosia. Ollie is very angry with Roxanna and says she butchered him and left him in a disabled state. When she helps him get a drink of water she promises to do everything she can to get him back to normal.
Fletch brings Evie into work because he has been going through her phone and finds out she is going on a date. He begins to wish he had never bought her a mobile phone. He also finds himself dealing with a patient who has OCD and does everything he can to try and help him get back to living some kind of a normal life. Later he apologises and Evie tells her Dad who the boy is. His name is Peter or as Fletch calls him quiff boy!!!! Also later he finds out that Jac has replaced one of the Raff's records and comments it must have cost her an arm and a leg. The best part was the fact he found the song on his phone and suggested that Jac danced with him!!!
So all in all I think it was rather a good episode and a nice ending with Frieda taking the time to go and see Ollie.
Things have definately improved so much since Serena returned and this is after only two episodes. So long may it continue.

Serena makes her long awaited return to Holby City as Acting CEO


Catherine Russell returning to Holby City as Serena Campbell

I have decided that I will start writing my thoughts on the episodes of Holby again. It is something I know Jess would have wanted me to do and I know she is watching over me. So it seemed rather appropriate on the day Serena returns that I do my first one. I will miss the chats I used to have with Jess after the episode but doing this will help me with my grief and will always be done with Jess's memory in mind. I will always love her xxxx

Well the day has finally arrived and the Queen of Holby has returned to steady the sinking ship. Love the way Henrik has made sure that her name is already on the office door, we know he is not going to be coming back for a while.

You could tell that Serena was completely unimpressed with the state of AAU and the fact there was no Clinical Lead. Donna never seems to engage her brain before opening her mouth and puts her foot straight into Serena's bad books, thank goodness for Sacha entering just at the right time. The look on Donna's face was worth so much especially when Serena sends her off to do some work.

Serena going into her old office where so much has happened and looking at the empty chair which Bernie used to sit in is a memory that will last for along time. Then the text message from Bernie just reminds you how much they are in love with each other. Serena is a changed woman and she is not going to be walked over by anyone again. You can see how angry she was at the fact the Trauma Unit has been taken away that was something her and Bernie had worked so hard to get up and running. Serena will not be leaving Holby anytime soon she has alot of work to do to get some kind of normality back into the staff.

The arrival of Ric as a patient on AAU throws a complete spanner in the works and has Serena staring at another important person in her life. He does his best to make out that he is coping ok in prison but she knows he is lying. Then when she starts investigating the missing 3 hours which led to Elaine Warren's death she realises that inadvertently she and Jason may have had something to do with it. You could tell that Ric was trying to protect Serena and Jason at the same time but due to unfortunate events he made a mistake. Hopefully now Serena has saved his life she can get the evidence sorted out and get Ric out of prison for good and returned to his position at Holby.

The moments with Jason are precious as always he obviously misses her a great deal and would like her and Bernie to come back to the UK so they can all be a family again.

So after alot of soul searching Serena makes the decision to call Bernie and tell her she is going to be staying at Holby for a while. Bernie probably guessed it would happen but you can tell the love they have for one another is so evident and is certainly never going to change. Berena will be reunited at Holby in the future and who knows perhaps they will both run the hospital and Henrik will come back in a different position.

I think we are all hooked again already and the new few weeks and months are going to be very enjoyable watching.

Bernie sends Serena a text, think this speaks for itself


This is article written by David Hollingsworth on the What's On TV website

Holby City viewers warmly welcome back Serena Campbell

Having been made to wait a day longer for the return of Serena Campbell due to the football, Holby City viewers were united in their joy at the long-awaited comeback of the fan favourite.

The former consultant, played by Catherine Russell, stepped in as acting CEO while Henrik Hanssen took some time away and she was immediately thrown in the deep end as her old friend Ric Griffin was bought in after being stabbed with a screwdriver in prison. And Serena is determined to help Ric, who's on remand awaiting trial for medical manslaughter, declaring "Ric will be found innocent."

Speaking about her return to us as Serena and how she plans to help Ric, Catherine Russell told us "There's abit of detective work going on between Serena and AAU nurse Donna (Jaye Jacobs) to establish why Ric left the ward that day and why he's refusing to reveal what he was doing."

"He claims he left to tend to a family emergency but that story doesn't quite hold water, as Serena discovers. So Serena and Donna form an alliance to try and determine why Ric left the ward, why he was gone for three hours and why he's being so cagey about it!"

You can read the full article at the following link:

"Ric will be found innocent. Oliver will recover. The hospital will heal, and so will you."