A PREGNANT mum-of-two died from sepsis after doctors failed to give her the opportunity to medically terminate, an inquest heard.

Reeta Saidha, 38, was just 15 weeks pregnant when she was admitted into the gynaecology ward at Basildon Hospital on December 19.

The inquest heard she was told to wait for up to two days for a natural miscarriage before the doctors would consider surgery.

Reeta began to develop sepsis and her condition deteriorated.

She was eventually rushed into surgery to remove the baby on December 22. but died the following day.

Reeta’s husband, Booshan, 41 told the inquest into her death, at Essex Coroners’ Court yesterday, he was not informed by doctors his wife had sepsis until 16 hours after the initial diagnosis.

He said: “Sepsis was not mentioned to me once at this stage. Nothing.

“I was just told from time to time what the doctors were doing. No one said to me ‘look your wife is suffering from sepsis’.”

He added: “When she was transferred to intensive care, that was the very first time that I was told.”

The inquest was told how when Reeta was first admitted she was “of good health” but her condition worsened when the sepsis developed.

Mr Saidha said: “We thought we were in the doctors hands and that this was all the way forward.

“She kept saying to me ‘I love you and I love the family’ and it was not normal, but I now know that one of the symptoms of sepsis is that you feel like you are going to die.”

Senior doctor Shaheen Mannan told the inquest how surgery to remove the baby at an earlier stage was too risky considering her two previous caesarian births.

She admitted not discussing the dangers of a surgical abortion with Reeta.

“I told her that there was natural management and surgical management and discussed the risk of continuing without surgical termination,” she said.

“She said she did not want a child with a poor outcome and she agreed to natural termination straight away. Surgical management at that time is extremely risky. I did not discuss surgical management because I felt it was not appropriate.” The inquest continues