I have now put in place the facilities to accomodate donations to Sepsis UK and Great Western Air Ambulance via Paypal.

You can either click on the donate buttons or paste the link below into your search engine and it will take you directly to the Paypal page.

Every penny will go to this two extremely worthwhile causes. Sepsis is now taking the lives of 52,000 a year and we have to raise the awareness as much as possible. Also more research needs to continue into how people who contract this awful illness can be helped. The Great Western Air Ambulance are some of the most wonderful people I have ever met and of course the service is Public funded. I want to do my part to help keep them flying, none of us knows what is around the corner and one day you might need their assistance.

If you can make a donation no matter how small it would be very much appreciated.

My partner Jess was sadly taken from this world on 23rd August 2017, she was 29 years old. As you can imagine I feel like my world has been turned upside down. The days are getting better but there are still times when all I want to do is sit down and cry because I find it hard to accept that she is gone. I have a group of friends who have been so supportive to me through everything that I will never be able to thank them enough. I have created a memorial website which tells our story, gives important information about Sepsis and heart conditions, Great Western Air Ambulance and a few other relevant pages. When Jess was being treated in hospital we were talking about different things and I mentioned that I used to ride horses. She said she would really like to see me back on a horse as it was obviously an important part of my life years before. So in her memory I have decided that I will take up that challenge. I haven't actually been on a horse for over 20 years but they are the most beautiful creatures and to be around them again will be good for me. I have found a riding stables near where I live. Nelson Park Riding Centre Ltd has a magnificent indoor arena and I plan to start going and have some half hour sessions just to get me used to being back in the saddle again. This will ultimately lead upto a lesson taking place which will be recorded and photographed. I think this will take approximately 6-9 months but I will be posting regular updates. I am asking for people to sponsor me and all monies raised will be equally split between Sepsis UK and the Great Western Air Ambulance. If you could make a donation no matter how small please go the following link:

08/10/18 I have changed the name of the crowdfunding page due to new information which has come to light. I am not able to divulge this for legal reasons. Thank you for understanding and continuing to support these wonderful charities. Any donation no matter how small would be very much appreciated

28/09/18 This weekend is the final round of the British Touring Car Championship at Brands Hatch. I have been in contact with Team Dynamics Motorsport tuners of Halfords Yuasa Racing Team and for the second year they will be placing a tribute sticker to my dearest Jess on the cars. The last 3 races take place on Sunday afternoon and I will definately be keeping my fingers crossed that they can bring home some silverware. I cannot thank them enough for kindly doing this and I feel this is a fitting tribute to her. Will post photos over the weekend.

I am trying to raise funds in memory of my beautiful partner Jess who passed away on 23rd August 2017. If you would be able to make a donation no matter how small it would be very much appreciated Thank you for your time


The paramedics of the Great Western Air Ambulance joined the paramedics from South Western Ambulance Service and battled for 50 minutes to try and save Jess's live. Unfortunately she passed away at 13.50pm on Wednesday 23rd August 2017.


While attending the hospital earlier in the day the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) to test for Sepsis was used and Jess had a score of 8. By the time we left the hospital Jess's score was back to 1. Known as the 'silent killer' Sepsis is now claiming more than 44,000 lives a year and it is time for the awareness of this to be raised. There were also other queries as to what illness Jess was suffering from these included meningitis, tonsilitis, myocarditis, Group B Streptococcal throat infection, cardiac arrythmia.


By creating this memorial website I am not only sharing our story but also want to share as much information as possible about the illness's and how to approach different senarios such as the inquest. Also give information about your rights as a same sex partner.


My priority is to raise funds for the Great Western Air Ambulance as without public funding they would not be able to keep flying. They need approximately three million pounds a year which goes towards getting equipment, training, helicopter maintenance and many other important things. Donations can be made at (This is for GWAAC) or which is for donations to be split amongst the charities.


Am also raising funds and awareness of Sepsis. This 'Silent Killer' is taking over 44,000 lives a year and yet so many people know nothing about it. Donations can be made at (This is for Sepsis UK) or which is for donations to be split amongst the charities.


Jess would want to make a difference to others and through myself I intend to do this in her memory. I have lost the woman I love and for me life will never be the same again. I will never stop loving her as she had such a huge impact on me. Just remember to live life to the full as you never know what is around the corner.